Wizard of Oz Cake

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies. I love the ruby slippers, Toto, Dorothy, and the idea of flying over the rainbow to a land of magic! When one of my best friends asked me to do a cake for her mom in a Wizard of Oz theme, I was so excited.

Except for one thing: she wanted the cake to have a pair of ruby slippers on them. I hate making shoes out of fondant. They always seem a little off to me (maybe I should invest in a shoe mold).

My friend and I poured over Pinterest looking for ideas on what to do. In the end, we decided on a classic green cake with a yellow brick road leading to Oz. On the road, I placed a pair of ruby slippers that I made out of red fondant and then rolled in red sanding sugar. In the background, I added a bright rainbow.

The yellow brick road is made from yellow fondant that I then pressed a brick impression mat onto to create the bricks. To make Oz, I took bamboo skewers and rolled green fondant around them. Then, I brushed them lightly with water and rolled them in green sanding sugar. I bordered the bottom of the cake with green icing stars that I lightly sprinkled with pink sanding sugar. For the rainbow, I cut a piece of a cake plate to the size and shape I wanted, and then added rolled out tubes of fondant in rainbow colors. 


I was rather pleased with everything, except the shoes. My friend’s mother loved it! AND – she loved the shoes so much she kept them! I guess they weren’t as “off-looking” as I thought.

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