Building Our Goat Shelter (Part One)

Last November, we moved from our *very* inner city house, to a house in a suburb with an acre of land. We had already had chickens in the city (yes, we were urban farmers!) and we knew we wanted to expand our small farm experience. We decided that goats would be the best next step.

We knew that we wanted to build the goat shelter for ourselves, and that we didn’t want to spend a ton of money since we were already investing heavily in electric fencing and solar charger. I searched the internet far and wide, and my husband and I agreed we would use pallets to build our shelter.

There are a TON of free patterns out there for goat shelters built out of pallets. The problem with them (for me) is that they look like they are built out of pallets. We live in a suburb. We have close neighbors who can see our yard all around, and whose own lawns are pristine and manicured. I didn’t want to make anyone angry by throwing up a shambled together shed for our goats.

My husband was completely up for challenge and he surpassed my expectations in every way. We started by collecting as many pallets as we could. Basically this meant frequent visits to Lowe’s, Southern States (a local farm co-op), and other places that regularly have free pallets. We started by trying to take the pallets apart, but we don’t have one of those fancy pallet take apart tools that lots of other people use, and taking the pallets apart was difficult, time-consuming, and it broke a lot of the boards.

My husband says to me, “I think we should do this as wood shingles.” I had no idea what he meant. I mean, I know what wood shingles are, but I couldn’t picture it. So, he cut up some pallets and laid it out so I could see what it looked like.

GORGEOUS! So now we knew how we were going to make it and that it was going to look amazing. I’ll continue our journey in the next post.

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